Embodied Evolution

Lamarckian Evolution of Simulated Modular Robots

We study evolutionary robot systems where not only the robot brains but also the robot bodies are evolvable. Such systems need to include a learning period right after ‘birth' to acquire a controller that fits the newly created body. In this paper we …

Morphological Attractors in Darwinian and Lamarckian Evolutionary Robot Systems

Morphological evolution in a robotic system produces novel robot bodies after each reproduction event. This implies the necessity for life-time learning so that newborn robots can acquire a controller that fits their body. Thus, we obtain a system …

Real-World Evolution of Robot Morphologies: A Proof of Concept

Evolutionary robotics using real hardware has been almost exclusively restricted to evolving robot controllers, but the technology for evolvable morphologies is advancing quickly. We discuss a proof-of-concept study to demonstrate real robots that …


An open source software framework for robot evolution

The Robot Baby Project

The first implementation of the life cycle of self-reproducing robots